July 30, 2014

Hi from Poland

Greetings from Poland! As I am writing this I'm looking out at the Baltic Sea. I have been really taking a break from everything and I haven't posted for quite a while now, but I'm traveling and enjoying the sunny weather! 

So, what I've been up to? Eating tons of delicious food, shopping, tanning and swimming in the sea. I can't even explain to you what a wonderful time I'm having these days. At the moment I am staying in the beautiful Rowy, it's a small village and seaside resort with lots of amazing restaurants and market stalls. I did some sightseeing too and there are many interesting tourist places to visit near Rowy (e.g. Sopot & Gdansk are well worth a visit).

In Gdansk I climbed on the roof of the St. Mary's Cathedral to enjoy a spectacular view over the city (the cathedral has 400 steps).

I took a sightseeing trip too. Gdansk has some exceptional architecture (e.g. the Royal Chapel).

I will be traveling until August 17, and will have extremely limited access to internet. 

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