May 12, 2014

Fun Facts About Me

I love reading those Facts About Me posts, so I thought it would be nice to do a post for you to get to know me, in case you're curious and because it's just fun. I'm hoping that you'll enjoy reading these facts about me.

♥ I'm terrible at anything sporty and I have always been that way. 
♥ I find the sound of rain and thunderstorms relaxing.
♥ I prefer cold weather. Winter is my favorite season.
♥ I like to walk around while brushing my teeth. 
♥ I can't eat chocolate without my teeth hurting.
♥ I walk into a room and forget why.
♥ I think I watch way too much television.
♥ I love the smell of coffee but I hate the taste.
♥ I cry really easily.
♥ I'm deathly afraid of getting wrinkles.
♥ When I get obsessed with a song, I'll play it on repeat non-stop until I stop liking it.
♥ I practice smiling and making different faces in the mirror.
♥ I love the smell of gasoline.
♥ I'm proud to be vegetarian. 
♥ I enjoy 'eating' the lollipop stick after finishing the lollipop candy.

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