January 23, 2016


Polette Glasses Paris Leo
Hello my loves! Today I finally got my new pair of prescription eyeglasses in the mail, and I couldn't be more in love! As you may or may not know I wear contact lenses on a daily basis and I absolutely adore them. But seriously, I don't always have the time or the energy to put my contacts in. Thankfully I found Polette Eyewear, Polette is an online optician company and they have super budget friendly glasses that actually comes in styles that I fell in love with. 

Each pair of glasses has their measurements. I found this to be very helpful with my decision. I basically just measured the glasses I already had and compared them to the sizes they had listed for theirs. I ended up going with the Paris Léo ones, and they are gooooorgeous

They fit my face perfectly, which is extremely hard to find when you have a nose with a crooked bridge and a hump - not the nose of an average human being, hahaha. My whole experience with Polette Eyewear has been great. I will definitely be ordering from here again. Not only are their glasses stylish, but they are super affordable.

Are you a glasses wearer?


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