April 16, 2016


white blue invisibobble
Hello loves! The two twist too loose, but three twists too tight problem is one I have always struggled with. #firstworldproblems. My hair is very fine and smooth, hair clips and hair ties slide out almost instantly. The invisibobble is unusual, two twists keep my hair in place and three make it feel secure without pain or pulling on any hairs. This is perfect for keeping my hair up and it doesn't leave an annoying crease in my hair like a normal hair tie. 

And I do tend to get a lot of hair tie marks in my hair from all my ponytail wearing which isn't very appealing when I want to wear my hair down. With the invisibobble it doesn't happen at all! The only downside is that the bobble tends to stretch out quite quickly when I put them in my hair. 

white invisibobble hair

Lots of Love,
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