October 19, 2014

My Bad Habits

Hello darlings! It's been a while since I have blogged. I know I promised you a while ago it wouldn't happen again, but I have been super busy and had some tough days at school. We all get into the habit of doing things that don't help us become our best selves. Here are some of my bad habits I am struggling with these days.

✓ I tend to pick at my eyelashes a lot when I wear mascara.
✓ I'm inconsistent, it's obvious. I need to blog more frequently and effectively. 
✓ I spend a lot of time in bed (blogging, reading, watching TV, eating, ...)
✓ The last thing on my mind after a night out  is taking off my makeup. 
✓ I smoke cigarettes, about a pack a day.

 ✓ I'm a little OCD about being organized and I arrange things in symmetry. 
✓ I spend a lot of time looking in the mirror and obsessing over my eyebrows
✓ I always carry around a big, heavy bag full of crap (= back pain & neck pain).
✓ I stick my fingers in everything: beauty pots and jars, creams, ...
✓ Late night snacking is my most difficult habit to break.

I have got too many terrible beauty habits that I need to change!
What are your bad habits?

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