March 3, 2014

What's in my Bag

I decided to dump out my bag and show you what I keep inside. My bag is from Zara, it's the City Bag. This bag is really practical with lots of compartments, it's simple to pair with any outfit and the size is reasonable. 
& Zara is definitely my favorite place to shop.  Just take a look at this beauty and what's inside.
What I keep in my bag on a daily basis is quite minimal, I try to keep it down to the stuff I really need. 

♥ Wallet
♥ Phone
♥ iPad Mini
♥ Agenda
♥ Pen
♥ Fluff roller
♥ Chewing gum
♥ Mirror
♥ Hair brush & hair tie
♥ Hand lotion
♥ Everyday lip balm & gloss
♥ Sometimes my makeup bag

"You can't be a real blogger without a Zara City Bag."

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