March 10, 2014

My iPad Mini

A few weeks ago I purchased an iPad Mini. I have the 16GB WiFi version in black and it's amazing. I adore my iPad and use it every day, at times it replaces my laptop entirely. Apple, I really do salute you.
Every morning I toss my iPad into my bag and head out the door. I love using it for social media and to check new blog posts on Bloglovin. 

These are my top favorite iPad applications, the ones I'm using on a daily basis:

Bloglovin is really easy & practical and my favorite way to catch up on blogs.
♥ I like Tumblr because I can post whatever I want and I love looking at other inspirational images.
Instagram may be my favorite social network app of all. And I adore the filters the app provides.
♥ I just love YouTube and catching up with videos.
Facebook is a useful way to keep in touch.
Yelo TV is a Dutch app, where I can watch Live TV.  
♥ It's totally superficial and I totally adore it, Tinder
♥ I have become a little addicted to Sims Freeplay. You can build houses, decorate, have pets, etc. and it's for free! 

If you have any app recommendations I'd love to hear them!

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