April 2, 2016


Good evening! I recently upgraded to a lovely MacBook Pro, and it really was the best thing I ever did. Not to sound too materialistic, but my laptop really is one of the most important things to me. When I bought this technological piece of beauty, I made a promise to myself to really look after it. I have ordered a marble hard case for it to protect it from scratches, but I also wanted a sleeve to carry with me wherever I go, and that often means long walks and rides.

After a few weeks of searching I finally found a sleeve on Misstella. I picked a tropical sleeve for my Macbook Pro so I can travel with it in style. I'm so pleased with the quality of the sleeve, it is beautifully made. I would highly recommend Misstella, both for the quality of their products and the amazing customer service. In addition to stylish laptop sleeves, Misstella has a variety of smartphone cases and tablet sleeves.

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