August 14, 2015


Hello sweeties. As you probably already know I've been traveling a lot recently. A few weeks ago I have visited Dresden and Leipzig, in Germany. I had so much fun there that I decided to share some pictures with you. I'd really recommend you to visit Germany sometime, it's a beautiful country. & Germany is great for shopping, they have all kinds of inexpensive brands and lots of discounts! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip to Germany.

1 The beautiful St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig, a wonderful and serene spot.
2 Saxon Switzerland National Park
3 Dresden Altstadt, the perfect night to end our trip.
4 Ayers Rock, an Australian themed restaurant with a very nice atmosphere. Those pancakes tasted so good after hours of sightseeing. 
5 Dinner and drinks at Las Tapas in Dresden, so delicious, (food is important!).
6 My swollen feet and ankles after a day of wandering in the city and walking along the Elbe River. 
7 Some quick shopping; amazing German brands
8 Lunch in Germany.

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Enjoy your Friday night!
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