January 10, 2015

New Year Resolutions?

GUEST BLOGGER | Nice to meet you all and Happy New Year, I'm Nele, a nineteen year old Dutch girl who likes to make music, write things, prefers English way over her first language and is very excited to write this guest blogpost! All my life I've always been filled with dreams and goals I never dared to speak out; 

I wanted to be a singer, I wanted to write for blogs, I wanted to be a writer, but there are so many people that are much at these things than me. Thousands have a nicer voice than I have, write prettier than I write, speak better English than I do and actually believe in their selves! 

2014 has been the year I decided that I was done with having these negative thoughts. If wishing for better and hoping that my dreams would magically come true was the only thing I did, nothing would ever change and I'd end up with no achievements and left with nothing but daydreams and regret. I wanted to escape outside this box I was locked in, I needed to break out and start doing things I was never dared to do. And I did! I started a course in England, literature and creative writing, moved to Manchester, released my first music single on iTunes and I'm now finally starting to settle down in my new city with the new life I'm building here. I feel great, it feels good to be on the right track and finally have a goal to work towards!

(On Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. Lovely, colourful fountains near the Ferris wheel!)

With the start of 2015 I didn't really want to take part in this New Year's resolutions stuff. I never been a huge fan of them, the idea that somehow you can change your whole life when one day changes into another and some fireworks get blown up in the sky. Didn't seem very logical to me. If you want to change something about your life, why wait till January 1st? I've been thinking about it though, and when one night I couldn't fall asleep back at home in the Netherlands during my Christmas break, I suddenly changed my view on these resolutions completely. I still believe that the magical January 1st shouldn't be a reason to start making changes if you feel that you really need to change something in order to be happy. But after my thinking session at night, I did come to the conclusion that New Year's resolutions aren't that silly. Putting down your goals and dreams is actually a great way to find out what you need in your life, what you really want to achieve and what can do to actually achieve these goals. How will you ever get somewhere if you don't make a plan to get there? Be very, very, very lucky! 2015 started for me with writing down some New Year's resolutions, to hopefully make this year even more awesome than 2014 has been for me. My main goal with this article is to tell you that change is scary and uncertain but it's the only way to get somewhere. Breaking out of that comfort zone is worth the nerves and growing as a person with new experiences is worth more than all the money in the world. Go for those new year resolutions and make those dreams come true! 

Happy New Year!
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