November 2, 2014

My favorite apps

I'm a super nosy person and I love watching the 'What's on my iPhone' videos. Today I thought I'd blog about the apps I use on my iPhone. My phone is an important part of my life, I'm constantly checking my iPhone for school, blogging, to keep up with friends... And in this post I have included a few of my favorite apps.

♡ Instagram (@nataliagryzlo)
A typical one to pick, but I love Instagram! I'm always scrolling and checking out pretty photos that my friend and followers post.

♡ Bloglovin'
I love the Bloglovin' app for reading my favorite blogs on the go. And I would appreciate it if you follow me.

♡ VSCOcam & Facetune
My absolute favorite picture editing apps.
VSCOcam is an amazing app for editing photos before uploading them to Instagram. Facetune is designed to retouch pictures. You can smooth out wrinkles, whiten teeth, reshape your face and clear up blemishes. It's amazing! 

♡ Sunrise
Sunrise is a free calendar app. I like this more than the calendar app on the iPhone and it has support for all your social networks.

♡ Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
I also use my iPhone to keep myself entertained. And I'm loving this game, but it's very addicting and time consuming.

My iPhone case is from Fab. by Fabienne (similar here). I love this case and it helps to protect my phone from scratching and damage.
I'm completely happy with my 5S and have no plans to upgrade by the way.

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